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The Scullion’s story – in detail

“...You wouldn’t let a commoner do this duty...”

The medieval feudal society was a strict hierarchy based on service. The men and boys serving at the king’s table would be taken from the great families. Lords would expect to be served by the children of knights. To serve in the Earl’s kitchen, our scullion has to come from a good family.

“...It’s neverending down here...”

Mealtimes were hugely important in the noble households, as daily demonstrations of power, rank and prestige. A typical dinner would need several hours to prepare, with several dishes to serve.

“...I can hope for a better position...”

Promotion through the household was everyone’s dream, but required the patronage of the ‘Great Officers’ such as the Steward, Chamberlain or Bailiff. Without this support, our scullion might well grow old in the dark kitchens below the Great Hall.

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